As a 100% Fijian Owned rural women empowerment integrated Agriculture Spice Processing Company, established in 2014, our focus is to consistently provide the finest pure quality of Fijian Grown Spice Products to our valued customers.

We are able to do this by growing the spices at its best natural form for 100% pure benefits delivered to our clients.

We achieve this by owning and managing each step of the spice production process, from our vast agriculture Fields and Backgrounding Farms to our HACCAP Certified Processing and Manufacturing Facility.

This control ensures the highest standards and levels of care are maintained throughout, delivering consistent quality & flavour.

Our Brand ZORGANIC represents HOPE, DREAMS & A New Beginning for our Rural marginalised women in Fiji. With each purchase you contribute towards our rural farming communities with consistent employment opportunities.

I am proud of ZONAH UNITED’s achievements and the premium Fijian products we produce that empower our marginalised rural women with training & employment opportunities creating the pathway for a sustainable FIJI for all.

However, nothing is more rewarding than feedback from high end chef’s that source our quality products from overseas countries.

Our products are also available in bulk packaging, Premium Retail Packaging and dried products in bulk packaging.


Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Powder and Chili Flakes

Current Markets

Niue and New Zealand

Zonah United

ZONAH UNITED started with humble beginnings in 2012 with the company’s initiative to always assist the rural community in Fiji especially woman to help provide a source of income for them and increase the standard to living for their families.

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