Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd


Pacific Ocean Culture (POC) is the largest operational Aquaculture facility in Fiji specializing in finfish and crustacean production including a new range of products for the consumer. Currently, it produces in excess of 200,000kg of finfish and 50,000kg of freshwater prawns annually with expansion plans underway.

POC paves the way in Aquaculture from "Pond to Plate" and have demonstrated success in all facets of the supply chain, overseeing the entire process from hatchery, grow out, harvest, processing and sales. POC’s production capability results in a quality export grade product.

The business features in-house hatchery with production managed by internationally recognized Aquaculturalist ensuring a constant supply to market. Products are then farmed utilising a pristine water source in a natural hinterland area, free of pollutants. This controlled over water quality and grow out conditions results in a premium product to the Health Department Certified processing facility ensuring food safety standards for the final premium product.

In a world of depleting fish stocks and nutritional food security issues, Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd produces a premium farmed product to promote “Fiji Made” products domestically with an optimal export pathway for its premium seafood products.


• Giant Freshwater Prawns –Jumbo (Green / head on)
• Whole Tilapia (Cleaned, gutted and scaled)
• Chilli Prawn Balls
• Traditional Fish Cakes

Current Markets

Fiji and New Zealand



Contact us for any product interest. Country-specific Market Managers are available to assist and connect you with Fijian exporters.

Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia