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As the world woke up to the threat posed by mass deforestation in the late 1980s, Pacific Green went on a search to find a viable ecologically-sound substitute for tropical hardwood. This search took them on a worldwide trail through remote climates and cultures. It was in the South Pacific that they came across vast abandoned plantations of coconut palm trees. These trees were originally planted in the 1900s to provide a crucial component: In the early days of global manufacturing (Copra) but they no longer had a commercial use.

Historically, the coconut palm formed the basis of life for many indigenous people. The trunks were fashioned into houses and boats; the fronds provided cover and roofing, the fruit was a staple part of the diet. It was a medicine; a mosquito repellent, a ceremonial drum; and a cosmetic. For these reasons it was known throughout the Pacific as the Tree of Life'.

In 1991, Pacific Green started to experiment with Palmwood as a material for use in furniture design. The stylistic principles that the creative team applied at this early stage were to remain unchanged to this day. Visually striking furniture that is timeless in design and furniture that incorporates quality with the most contemporary ergonomic principles, make it as comfortable on the body as it is on the mind.

During the late 1990s, their research laboratories continued to enhance the durability, versatility and consistency of Palmwood. Their key breakthrough came in 1998 with the invention of a process for Prepregated Palmwood (Prepreg ®). The Prepreg process allowed them to control the moisture content of the wood, thus providing stability in both wet and dry climates. It also made Palmwood impervious to white ants and other wood-boring insects. They were then able to expand the Pacific Green range, moving into architectural and building materials. With the addition of Palmwood pillars, cladding and flooring, Pacific Green was now able to offer customers a complete Palmwood lifestyle concept and thus continue the lifecycle of 'the tree of life'.


Palmwood Furniture Ranging from Residential Use, Offices Use, Hotels, Resorts, Embassy, Conference /Meetings, Lounges, Chaise, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Rocket Table, Lamps, Tv Unit, Wall Units, Buffets, Hall Table, Dining Settings, Occasional Chairs, Executive Desk, Office Chairs, Conference/Boardroom Tables, Bistro High Table with Bar Stools, Bedroom Settings, Planter Box, Picture Frames, Mirror Frames & Other Accessories.

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Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, United States of America



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