Ajax Spurway Fasteners Pte Ltd


Ajax Spurway Fasteners PTE Limited is a well-established organization which has grown from merely a Fasteners company into a well-respected Construction and Engineering supplier.

Ajax was established 34 years ago in conjunction with Ajax GKN Group (UK). The company was initially set-up as distributors of metallic fasteners. Ajax Spurway Fasteners PTE Ltd has been growing steadily and has since diversified from Fasteners to Industrial and Household names.
"Ajax" is a well-accepted and established brand in the market place and has grown in strength, stature and recognition.


Fasteners, Abrasives, Painting Gears, Power Tools, Automotive & Mechanical Tools (KINCROME and SUPAPOOL), Welding Machines & Consumables (AJAXWELD), Sealants & Adhesives (Bostik brand), Safety Gears, Automotive (U-POL), Pipes & Fittings and much more industrial range of products.

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Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia