Pure Fiji


Welcome to the Pure Fiji experience.

Pure Fiji’s products represent the lifestyle in the Pacific. Pristine environment, a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients, and traditions that have been in place for centuries. All utilised in a healthy way of living that comes so integrated in Fiji’s culture.

It would be impossible to maintain the enthusiasm that they have for their product range, were they not convinced and assured that their product was of good quality.... but more than that - something special.

A unique product, bringing a timeless secret of well being and health to their customers.


A wide range of body care products

Current Markets

Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Czech Republic, Korea, United Kingdom, Republic of China, Japan and Pacific Island Countries.



Contact us for any product interest. Country-specific Market Managers are available to assist and connect you with Fijian exporters.

Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia