ZONAH UNITED started with humble beginnings in 2012 with the company’s initiative to always assist the rural community in Fiji especially woman to help provide a source of income for them and increase the standard to living for their families.

ZONAH UNITED’s vision is to increase production, manufacturing and deliver Premium Packed Quality Fijian Grown Organic Spices to the international market so that they are able to work with more rural communities and help many other families who currently are unemployed. The company is very proud to empower woman to be able to take up positions in the company that have always been male-oriented such as Truck Drivers, Loaders and Farmers etc.

Furthermore, their mission is to be able to promote Fijian Grown Organic Processed Agricultural Products with high-end packaging ready for retail to increase income for their community.

Zonah United


Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Powder and Chili Flakes

Current Markets

Niue and New Zealand



Contact us for any product interest. Country-specific Market Managers are available to assist and connect you with Fijian exporters.

Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia