Fiji is known as the calmest place on earth for more than the beaches. It’s also the kava, the local “muddy water” beverage we use to calm, soothe and get rid of the daily stuff –– deadlines, meetings, bills, parking tickets, you name it –– that can stress us out.

What’s Taki Mai? you might ask. Excellent question. It offers help, so you can handle your everyday stresses. In Fiji, Taki Mai are experts in dealing with these everyday stresses, and have been for centuries.

Taki Mai is absolutely loaded with kava. The new 3-oz. shot comes in four irresistible, tropical flavors. Pop the cap and down one ASAP. You will start feeling the well-being, tranquillity and serenity only kava can make you feel.

Taki Mai


Taki Mai Instant Kava Powder 50g, 150g, 250g, 500g and 1kg

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Losana Mavaeao

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