Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Pte Limited (RSSFL) is a 100% Fiji owned company, specializing in the production, distribution and marketing of the highest quality farm fresh eggs and poultry products in the Fiji Islands
With the humble beginnings from a back-yard chicken shed in Nausori more then 50 years ago by Late Mr. & Mrs. Ram Sami, the company Ram Sami & Sons was incorporated in 1970, and has evolved to become the leading Eggs Producers and Distributors in Fiji. The Company was restructured in 2005 and commenced operations as Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Limited. Currently the Company has Three Laying Farms, One Brooding and Rearing Farm, A Feedmill and Sales & Distribution Center located at Makoi, Nasinu, Votualevu, Nadi, Vitogo, Lautoka and Labasa, whilst employing over 400 staff. Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Pte Limited has acquired an excellent reputation as the leading suppliers of farm fresh eggs in the Country and the Pacific region, with our fresh eggs we serve all the leading supermarkets in Fiji, Major Hotels, aviation catering service providers, municipal markets, dairy shops, restaurants, canteens, cafes, Government and Commercial offices, BBQ stalls and retailed from our Sales and Distribution Center as well as exports sales are done to neighbouring Pacific Islands from our Central Sales & Distribution Center. RSSFL also produces and markets its various range of poultry feed under the brand name of “Farmers Feed.”

Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Pte Limited has recently ventured into Broiler chicken farming and canned chicken curry.
We are striving to achieve the best local and international practices by continuously identifying new technologies, improving the skills and knowledge of our staff, maintaining and increasing our supply chain and delivering quality products to our valued clients. These improvements are driven by the management team who are dedicated to exceptional customer service, producing, processing and delivering quality products and continuous staff trainings

Quality Ram Sami’s Eggs Encompassing the ideology of exceeding the expectations of our valued customers and continued success of the Company, the 400+ employees of Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Pte Limited understand and embrace our culture of Quality- a culture driven by our Quality Management System which conforms to The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand of AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP.

2017 Fiji Business Excellence Awards 2017
2015 Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Awards
2014 Fiji Business Excellence Awards 2014
2014 Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Awards
2013 Fiji Business Excellence Awards 2014
2013 Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Awards
2012 16th International Star for Leadership in Quality - Paris
2012 Reserve Bank of Fiji Medium Exporter of the Year Award
2011 Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Awards

Ram Sami & Sons Pte Limited


1. Eggs
Cage Eggs
We produce caged eggs in various sizes. These sizes are 600g, 660g, 720g, 840g. Super Jumbo and family pack sizes. The 600g, 660g, 720g and 840g are packed in dozen packs as well as in tray packs containing 30 eggs per tray. Ram Sami egg cartons. The dozen packs are usually sold in the supermarkets, while the tray packs are supplied to hotels, corner shops, municipal markets, restaurants and canteens.
Free Range Eggs
Ram Sami Farms produces free-range eggs, creates an environment that allows hens to exhibit natural behavior. Ram Sami provides facilities that enable the birds to live as naturally as possible, such as scratching areas, perches, and nests. Our Free-Range Eggs comes in dozen packs and sold in almost all major supermarkets in Fiji.
Pasteurized Eggs
Pasteurized eggs are in liquid form and are packed in 10kg packs. This is usually supplied to Air Terminal Services and to hotels that use them for preparation of large quantities of Egg Omelets.

2. Live/ Frozen Chickens
Live and Frozen chickens are sold at the end of their production cycle. These are bought and consumed by a large number of people in Fiji. These live and frozen packed chickens are used in preparing a number of delicious meals such as Chicken Palau, Chicken Curry and even Lovo.

3. Animal Feeds
Farmers Feeds contributes to better, safer, and healthier animal feed by developing innovative analytical solutions to determine the quality of animal feed, and forages reliably and quickly. Animal feed quality is not only a vital matter of animal welfare. If is also essential for food quality and safety – being the key to growth and health, and thus to the economic success of the entire agricultural industry. Farmers Feed offers the most comprehensive range of analytical solutions for quality control and formulation adjustments, enabling the animal feed industry to determine the quality of animal feed rapidly and efficiently. The animal feed includes for Pig Farming, Sheep Husbandry, Poultry Feed, and Cattle Feeding.

4. Poultry Manure
Poultry manure, properly handled, is the most valuable of all manures produced by livestock. It has historically been used as a source of plant nutrients and as a soil amendment.

5. Chicken Curry in Can
Ram Sami Chicken Curry in a can is a Fijian-made & Halal certified, authentic chicken curry in a can for all aspect of lives. Its quick and easy (just Heat & Eat) for your lunch and dinner with Roti, Rice, Cassava, Dalo and many more. Also great for chaser with your Kava or Beer.

Ram Sami Chicken Curry in Can – 445g

6. Other Egg Products
Ram Sami intends to expand its operations to include production of other egg products such as Egg White for which research and development are underway.

Current Markets

Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Nauru and Tuvalu



Contact us for any product interest. Country-specific Market Managers are available to assist and connect you with Fijian exporters.

Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia