Pleass Global Limited is a listed company on the SPSE and has supplied premium bottled water to customers in Fiji since 1996 and more recently across the Pacific, the United States of America, Asia and Europe. Major shareholders include FNPF and Fijian Holdings so when they do well Fiji does well.

Pleass Global Limited is very fortunate to possess an aquifer, from which their artesian water is drawn, that provides beautiful quality, great tasting water. The source has the unique characteristic in the Pacific of being approved organic - the land above the source is certified organic. They maintain organic certification above the water source to protect the premium water from all contaminants. Pleass Global is the only bottler in the Pacific that has such certification and it is an assurance of purity. Their waters are of the highest quality with regular audits being conducted by the Australian Bottled Water Institute, HACCP Certifiers and SQF and their valued customers.

Their rigorous testing regime includes testing at National Measurement Institute in Australia and Eurofins in the United States of America. Their water surpasses the rigorous requirements of the US 50 states regulatory testing regime which is one of the highest testing standards in the world.

Pleass Global Limited is a diverse and growing corporation principally engaged in production and marketing of bottled water, operating a state-of the-art bottling operation at source. Pleass operates a business unit selling single use daily items, manufactures packaging items, operates adventure eco-tourism services and is in the establishment phase of organic farming and property development. Pleass values the environment and sustainable practices are at the heart of all that they do. Their significant CSR programmes see children attending school through scholarships, healthy lifestyle promoted through sport sponsorship, environment protection enhanced through activities in supporting significant environmental initiatives and development supported through their Platinum donor sponsorship of Rotary Pacific Water - providing clean water and sanitation to communities in need.

Pleass Global Limited


VaiWai® Premium Natural Artesian Water, AquaSafe® Natural Artesian Water

Current Markets

Pacific, the United States of America, Asia, Europe



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