Kava Korporesen Pte Ltd (Kavakorp) is an integrated Kava farming, processing and distribution company focused on providing the best quality Micronized and Instant Kava for personal and pharmaceutical use.
Their factory is located at Joe’s Farm, Lakeside Estate, Vunikakawai, Colo-i Suva along Princes Road. It is HACCP Australia certified, it is registered and complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and is an “Approved Export Facility” as certified by Biosecurity Authority of Fiji.
All machines used in the factory are food grade quality and they adhere to the highest food safety standards required under both HACCP Australia and FDA.
Their Kava farm is located in Waimalua, around the Korovou Township area in Northern Tailevu Province. They also have a farmer aggregation strategy to purchase quality kava from select farmers or farmer clusters.
One key aspect of this Kava business is the engagement and encouragement of women participation. They are probably the Company with the highest percentage of women involved in their value chain i.e. from farmers, to middle persons to processors, employees and executives. In all, that is almost 60% women.
The company has completed an evaluation exercise with 2 Pharmaceutical companies and are finalizing trading terms.

Kava Korporesen


Micronized & Instant Kava Powder and Kava Mints

Current Markets

The United States of America, Tuvalu, Nauru, local Fijian market



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Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia