8Mountains Fiji


Established on the runways of Fiji Fashion Week 2009, the company’s brand has remained true to its aesthetics in fashion design and sustainable product adaptation reflecting UN SDG’s #1-Eradication of Poverty by providing employment to women in squatter settlements, making them financially independent to make wise choices- SDG#5-Gender Equality, #12 on Sustainable Consumption & Production.

8Mountains has won the following awards since its establishment:
*Prime Minister's Business Excellence Recognition Award in Fashion 2019
*Fashion Council of Fiji People’s Choice Designer of the Year 2019
*Fiji Development Bank SME Manufacturer of the Year Award 2018
*Fiji Development Bank SME Wholesale & Retail Award 2017
*Fiji Textile Council/Fiji Fashion Week Established Designer of the Year 2017
*Fiji Fashion Week Special Award 2017
*Fiji Development Bank SME Manufacturers Award 2015
*Fiji Fashion Week Children's Designer of the Year 2015

During Covid 19, 8Mountains has focused on the promise of sustainability and diversified into the production of reusable face masks, reusable sanitary menstrual pads, reusable diapers for kids and adults.


Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, Bridal Wear, Corporate Bula Uniforms, Handbags, Clutch purses, Neck Ties, Reusable Face Masks, Reusable Sanitary Menstrual Pads, Reusable Diapers for Kids & Adults, Interior Designs: Cushion covers/Wall hangings/Curtains

Current Markets

New Zealand, Samoa, Tuvalu, United State of America, United Kingdom and Australia



Contact us for any product interest. Country-specific Market Managers are available to assist and connect you with Fijian exporters.

Losana Mavaeao

Market Manager Australia